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1-hour Bikini Set

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Now this is the pattern I love . I mean the fabric print :) caught my eyes right when I saw it in Fabricland and I bought last week.


Well, I designed and stitched completely in just an hour and totally satisfied my respect right first time I tried on. Happy caused this was the first time ever I did not have to restitch anything. Each part was in the right place right position...


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SweetHeart Swimsuits

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Swimming Pools ... Check           Beaches ... Check    I love swimming and beaches. That's why I love bikinis, swimsuits.

I got big huge swimsuit collections. Some I got long time ago, I still keep them cause they were all unique styles even they were damaged by time, weather... They could be samples if I want to make new ones But so far I haven't touched them yet... :)  :)



This one is the second one. Has a bit changed compared with the first one (see below) Unfinished yet....



I designed and made the first one last month.

This is the final result




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REStyled 2-piece to one-piece swimsuit

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I like to make swimsuits recently. I just restyled this one last month to wear at our trip up North.


 The original ones were 2 individual pieces - halterkini top and high-cut vintage style - highwaist bottom. I cut off 2 sides of the top caused it was too covered up for me.



Here is the result


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I'm on THREADs :)

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I'm on THREADs August/September 2010 issue #150



I was so happy to receive email from Sarah McFarland from Threads magazine . My item was caught her eye and chosen to be printed. WOW... I tried my best to get more info, contact, take photos in good quality to mail them out.


 My special thanks to Sarah McFarland to help me have my outfit printed out on Readers Closet section.





" " " " " Tuong-Van's sewing motto is "do it yourself", and she has never used a pattern. When she began sewing as a teenager in her native Vietnam, she started simply, with shirts, sleeping dresses, pants, and hand-embroidered bags. A career in banking, however, called for professional attire, so Tuong-Van started experimenting with ladylike details that would look fresh at the office. One of the results was this feminine blouse in a cotton/polyester stretch gauze shirting.

Tuong-Van sergered the edges of fabric strips to make yoke- and wrist-edging ruffles, which she accented with pearls. The waist/hip band is pleated horizontally on the outer layer. A self-tie closes the blouse at the neck, while a ring of pearl beads covers a snap closure at the waist. " " " " "



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Home-made Under....Wears - Formula

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Gotta love my new panties.                                 


These were posted in my Readers Closet on Threads website. I just want to show you all how simple to make your own panties to minimize the cost. I got the stretching lace on sale $2.98 per m but buy 1m get 2m free (some time buy 1 get 3 free at Fabricland) This lace width is 7 inches (18cm)


                           You need to measure :

  • A --- hip (where your underwear's hip)
  • B --- underwear's length (measure from front through between your legs to the back). You decide how high of your underwear raise
  • C --- thigh round (measure around your thigh but make it angle from bottom to your hip)


Here is how to design and cut on sketching paper


1. Fold in half . From folding line measure 1/4 of your hip measurement  (A) minus (-) movements (usually 2--3cm) . You have EE'


2. From top of folding line measure down EF

    2.1 Back piece : 1/2 of underwear length (B) minus (-) 3cm

    2.2 Front piece : 1/2 of underwear length (B) plus (+) 3cm


3. From F draw 90 degree line, measure FF' = 1/10 of B


4. From E measure down on folding line EG = 3 --- 6 cm or depends on how big of side's width ( my panties here is 5.5cm) .


5. From G draw 90 degree line, measure GG' = 1/4 of A


6. Connect F' to G' :


     6.1 Back piece : F'G'


     6.2 Front piece :


            6.2.1 mark the center of F'G'  you have K, and draw a line from E to K, measure KK' = 1/3 of EK


            6.2.2 mark on folding line from F : FJ = 1/3 of EF. From J draw 90 degree line and measure JJ' = FF' - 1 or 2 cm


            6.2.3 Draw a curve line from F' through J' , K' to G' (F'J'K'G').


            6.2.4 Cut a piece of lining the same size with the bottom part of front piece.


7. There's a trick here when cutting: leave 0.5cm seam allowance except the bottom of the back piece. From F point on folding line lengthen it down 0.5cm to 1 cm plus 0.5cm seam allowance. The bottom line will be a curve line



Hope you're not confusing. Cut on paper first, then you can decide to put more details on your panties... like the one I made , I used stertching lace and bias for the back piece and added pleats. (For Pleats: from E raise up from 2 - 5 cm or depends on how many pleats added or ruffles)


You can email me or put on comments for any question or sharing your projects with me...


    More then just sewing -  Cloudyhn 


My crocheted BERET

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This is my hand-crochet beret made from leftover yarn that I crocheted my white-blue scarf. Unfortunately I lost the triangle scarf in one day shopping at IKEA.


There's no pattern used. It's just free-style and free-emotion ) by using chain, Single crochet, double crochet, and some others to create style and trim  


  This beret was posted on CraftStylish.com also.  Gotta love it, young, dynamic and stylish.



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Netting Scarf

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This netting scarf is crocheted then used hand-knot technique for fishing nets. It's 25" x 15" net size.


First, I crochet a robe 25" length. Then I cut 20 pieces of 75" lenth put through crochet holes, adjust for equal length then knot to fix the location of each piece (around 1-inch gap in between). So I have double pieces for each knot.


This scarf was posted on CraftStylish.com



For start making net , take a piece of first knot and 1 piece from the next one, knot both together, repeat the same for each next 2 knots as a pair till the end to finish the first row.


For the second row, take the left of first knot (adjust the distance from the knot to the second row) and 1 piece of the next knot (first row) knot both together. Repeat the same to the end as you do for the first row.


Use the same knotting technique from the beginning to the end. For decoration, leave the end about 3-inch for each knot. It seems so delicated with my explaination here, but when you actually start making this, it will be clearer and quite simple.



With imagination, you can create your unique style for your look. Beautiful and classy for special occasions or funky crazy looks for parties or even just a little scarf for outdoor BBQ in cool days... It can be a gift too...



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Costum for Halloween 2008

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We did not have Halloween back in Vietnam. Moving to Canada giving my son chances to enjoy Halloween even it was scared to death when we visited "Garden of Death" in my neighbourhood. 3 detached houses gathered together decorate their driveways for "Garden of Death" 3 years ago. Kids were crying but still wanted to pass through the Garden. The next year they did not do a thing but last year they did it again. Of course diffrerent style but still very scary.



Anyway, I made him some costums, simple but he loved them. No pattern. First one I made him a NinJa outfit from my black fleece blanket. PJ Pants and hoody sweat. He was sweat like pig caused of too hot and refused to wear it again. So the next year I made him a new one - Pirate Caribbean. Last year I made him an outfit of Roman solder. But My son broke his upper arm on that day on ice skating. He missed the chance.


This is my "Jack Sparrow" Pirate version: Light pink cotton linen with lace around collar and wrists + Black velvet sleeveless vest with golden ruban + Dark blue stretching twill suit pants with golden ruban + Orange cotton and organza belt. My son loved it


 That's all photos I've got. Ninja set wasgiven away to one of his friend's brother. But I will find chance to upload the Roman solder. He did wear it once for the Play at school.


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My sweet swimsuit

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I made this swimsuit about summer 2007 since I didn't feel comfortable put on bikini. Since moving to Canada, I've never had chance to go to real beaches. I mean to coast. Most of time I went to swim at the pools in local community centers or beaches in Lake Huron. It's quite different when I was in Vietnam. My country has more than 3000 km coast lines. There're thousands of beaches - both publics and privates, natural, not a lot of commercial ... I really miss them now.


Anyway here is the one that I designed and stitched. There are 2 more I designed and my friend stitched 5 and 6 years ago. Still in good condition.


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My Ski suit

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 My family like skiing. We just started this season. I've got some ideas about those ski pants and accessories. So I ran around 4 different Fabricland Stores to find material. Finally I found Icecap Waterproof Nilon on sale $2 per m - very good deal. And 2-way stretching cotton knit on sale $4 per m (super width size)




We had so much fun times in Blue Mountain Ski Resort, Glen Eden Ski Resort and Whiteface - Adirondack Mountains in US. My husband loves the white and red insolated ski pants I made for him (already posted in previous blog). I also made him another light black ski pants for warmer days. Plus 2 different fleece head covers and neck covers - stretching and reversible. Same with me and my son.


My ski suit is so cool, I was asked everywhere I skied where I got that. Naahhh... I made it without pattern. Reversible and unique design. The hoody - bottons up and cover half of my face. Plus the reversible fleece head cover and stretching cotton full size bodice. I'm comfortable on this suit.



 Reversible headcover ....



and this is skin full size bodice, 100% thick cotton knit material ($2/m)



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Heavy Duty Bag

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This was made from heavy weight felt for quilting. Simple design and such a clean look




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