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Making way back to my sewing

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"Hello ..... it's meeeeeee" <Adele> :)

Can't believe it's been 4 years passed by from the last post :roll: Scary. Wow how many things happened to me, to us. I'm lost in the "crazy" stressful life in North America. It is tough. But I used to ask myself what I can do .. really... just keep moving on live, love, laugh. (not talk about my stressful work which I definitely can not do anything about it unless finding another job ... im-possible).

So. What did I do in last 4 years? Well I'm still love fashion for sure. Can't live without it. One day to another I made myself a new one or altered a discount purchased item into what I liked for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Halloweens, Get-away vacations, Parties... The number of new clothes that I had over last 4 years is a big question because it seems uncountable. My husband told me "no more baby. If you have one more item you should throw out 5 old ones" in order to keep my place less messy ;)

You would not believe if I say it about the deal that I got like a Banana Republic's Oversized Wool Coat (Mint color). Well it was on Boxing week extra 60% off on clearance item. Love the color, oversized coat trench is still on for some more time , size XL but who's care... Regular Price CAD$370+tax guess what I paid???  CAD$27.24 included Tax. Excellent deal ...right. One thing you can see recently style trends gone into either a very plain, simple constructed clothes or with very small but many details. With oversized coats, it was super easy to take in. I loved big colar, I wanted its length so I took in 6-7 inches in total.

Here I am again after my big effort of fixing my website problem. It was shut down as somebody complained about links and/or violated to the site policies. All my photos got deleted. Such a pain to re-upload some back on. Also lots of photos got lost since my laptop was down and I don't like our new MacBook at all. I did my best to get minimum 1 photo for each post.

Anyway there were so many new items that I don't have photos to show. Here are a few

Dress for my step-daughter wedding

Oversized coat from Banana Republic after taken in 6-7 inches


My ideas for Halloween 2015 pompoms hot glued on red top band and silver cotton belt bowtied from the back were added on my red dress. I loved my headband 

V.V.MODE - Designs and Life Styles - DIY without pattern

"More than just sewing" - Cloudyhn

I'm on THREADs :)

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I'm on THREADs August/September 2010 issue #150



I was so happy to receive email from Sarah McFarland from Threads magazine . My item was caught her eye and chosen to be printed. WOW... I tried my best to get more info, contact, take photos in good quality to mail them out.


 My special thanks to Sarah McFarland to help me have my outfit printed out on Readers Closet section.





" " " " " Tuong-Van's sewing motto is "do it yourself", and she has never used a pattern. When she began sewing as a teenager in her native Vietnam, she started simply, with shirts, sleeping dresses, pants, and hand-embroidered bags. A career in banking, however, called for professional attire, so Tuong-Van started experimenting with ladylike details that would look fresh at the office. One of the results was this feminine blouse in a cotton/polyester stretch gauze shirting.

Tuong-Van sergered the edges of fabric strips to make yoke- and wrist-edging ruffles, which she accented with pearls. The waist/hip band is pleated horizontally on the outer layer. A self-tie closes the blouse at the neck, while a ring of pearl beads covers a snap closure at the waist. " " " " "



    More than just sewing - Cloudyhn


What horoscope says about me?

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I'm SCORPIO. What horoscope says?





" This month is a baffling combination of serious partying and serious hard work! You are burning the candle at both ends. Exciting artistic and social deversions beckon from many sources. Accept all invitations. Go to the theatre. Watch sports. Grab a movie. Enjoy playful activities with children. And enjoy flirting because this is a sexy, romantic month. Nevertheless, your aroused ambition keeps you working. And so it goes."




"You are keen to get organized at work and at home. Since you're galvanized into action, get stuff done! Capitalize on his ambition. This is an extremely productive time. Meanwhile, fair Venus attracts cozy partnership. Go ahead and make plans for that fabulous vacation this year. (It`s on the books). Romance and children are also sources of joy and pride."



What about yours?


Fruit - Personality

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Here is one of my son projects done for school research about relationship between fruits and personalities.  ORANGE - APPLE - COCONUT


What is your favourite fruit out of the three?




• Orange is sweet         

          - Kind, thoughtful, polite

• Orange has thick skin

          - Tough, not easily hurt, strong

• Orange have lots of smaller orange pieces

          - You would be giving, and you involve others


• Orange has lots of pieces

          - Like to work with others, social together

• Orange has a bright orange color

          - Out going, elaborate, interesting person




• Apple taste sweet

          - Kind, thoughtful, polite

• Apple is very fragile

          - Bruise easily, get hurt easily, weak

• Apple has many different colora

          - Out going, elaborate, interesting person





• Coconut has a hard shell

          - Strong, physically, outgoing, not easily hurt

• Coconut is hard to reach on Palm trees

          - Hard to know, shy, difficult personality

• Coconut inside milk

          - Kind, polite, sweet and thoughtful once you know the inside.





 Reseached by Phi Ngoc Tran