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My new haircut ... Opps I changed again :)

Posted on February 19, 2011 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (2)


I'm getting bored with my hair style again. I'm so done with curly hair. So here I am with my new hair. I cut my hair this morning. It took about 1 hour and half to finish. Kind of back to old style which I had ... like 10 years ago. Well I still like this style anyway :) . A front's angle hairband , wrapping around at sides and a bit tail at back



  ... and here's side look



V.VMODE - Designs and Life Styles DIY without pattern

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Break in between sewing - New hair for Christmas

Posted on November 24, 2010 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (2)



Well.... I took a break in between my sewing. 2 hours were enough for me to perm my hair - wavy style for Christmas season. It was getting long and I wanted to change. I got wave lotion, hair rolls, hair pins....(all were brought to Canada from my back-home trip last year). I did last year once. And opps I did it again last week :) :P Good for change as my husband usually says.






This wavy lasts for about 6 -10 months if is taken care well with styling gel. And I just saved at least $100 in my purse :) Got to be happy with that... right?



  V.V.MODE - Designs and Life Styles - DIY without pattern

  "More than just Sewing" - Cloudyhn



My boy's hair for summer

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 He's baseball players. Obviously short hair cut will be the best for him during summer.

This is how his hair looks  for summer. Have I done a good job :) ?



   Enjoy the summer Phi !!!

More than just sewing - Cloudyhn




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I don't know why I love to do these things while I'm a banker... Funny eh? Everybody at my work said I got in the wrong career, wrong track ... whatever it is. Even I asked myself "where did I get that patience to do those things?" Wow I can't tell. I only knew that It might take the whole hour for me to change my own hair styles. I even did perm my hair .... wavy too


My problem is I can't stay for one style for long time. My hair could be changed every month if my husband and my son said to me "Mom , stop changing please!" Yeah, Let see....:) till my hair was so short that I could not do anything with it. Then let it grow again ... and again.


I tell you my funny story when I crossed the border to US. I got 10 years visa to US but everytime crossing the border I had to stop to get a piece of paper valued for 6 months (I don't have Canadian passport so that the way US tracks your record). In the waiting room, we were waiting, waiting ... for longer than anytime I got that paper done before. Finally they called my name and directed us to go the end of the room, cross a security door to get in the last window. I was told that every single photo they had in my record was totally defferent(I crossed to US so many times before), nothing proof I am who I am. We were shocked. I just changed my hair style and the color just a day before our trip to US. But finger print never lied. It was proofed . Wow ....released. ...You know we laughed head off after the trouble at the border.



Here are some of my haircuts - sorted by time