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Weekend Project 1 - Nov. 12-13 2011

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We have nights of frosts and a bit of snow. Definitely Winter is already here. No more going out for a day-trips to adventure Ontario. Staying at home with 2-3 meals per weekend day ... uhmmm ... not fun ... so I had a new idea about sewing: to get myself exciting by try to finish something during weekend besides watching TV, cleaning, doing laundry, cook meals... This weekend is the first.

The outfit was done this morning. Brown interlock knit skirt and bow-tight blouse. The blouse's bodice was bias cut with self-tight bow. Short sleeves which were take-in shoulder style and binding hems. Fabric is printed polyester as chocolate tracing circles and roses on very light pink/salmon (not really pink) background. The advantage of bias cut was creating the fitness even it is slip-in blouse and no darts. It was no wrinkle, clean look and flattering.

The skirt which was cut as high waist and big width waist band (2 layers), controlled by elastic stitched in between on the top seam. Also as I cut off at mid thigh, I used layers (which were different cut on both front and back: top small width curve pieces, 1/2 circle pieces at center parts and triangle pieces at sides to control flaring. So basicly almost like pencil skirt style but still have so much room for easily moving. Front and back skirt were the same. As interlock knit I did not hem the skirt. Maybe I will top stitch kind of small lace trim (if I find something nice and light at Fabricland) For now, I'm ok with the whole outfit turned out.

One more thing I have to tell - which is why I keep my sewing going on. Total cost (includes tax :)) $7. Steal deal...eh. Now it's ready for work tomorrow with my metallic pink leather jacket ( I got a good deal at Danier store for $60). Yayyyyy...

Not sure I can do like this every weekend but I'll try. Wait for another weekend coming...

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Corduroy white skirt with top

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Fabric: 70cm stretching off-white cotton corduroy  


Style: fitted and short. All seams were flat felled seams. 2 gathered style pockets appliqued at the back. Lining. It will be nice with jean fabric also.



The top was fringe light knit. Loose style, gathered at hip and wrists by elastic thread. Narrow rolled hems for wide-neck line, sleeves and bodice. It's simple style but easy to fit to any occation: work, shopping, lunch out ...  



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Rayon Twisted-Pleats Skirt

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"2010 Endless Combination Contes" on PR


This Floral Silk Dupioni piece I bought during one of my trip to Ottawa Street, Hamilton. On sale for $4.50/m (regular price was $15/m) and I bought 1.5m. It was enought for a set of sleeveless top and skirt.  


This vented skirt was one of 5 items made last week.. First idea came up with a simple one, then with the material I wanted a look of feminine, soft and sexy. So I added 5 pleats at front center for decorations, 4 darts in front and 4 in the back for waist fitting. Finally,  I got new idea for the pleats by stitching to keep the pleats staying opposite directions, then ironed to get the wavy look.



I used white satin (thick and firm, usually used for lining wedding gowns or flowergirl dresses) for lining because it would support the outer layer to have a firm  form while wearing  (rayon silk dupioni is soft material). Lining was attached to skirt vent like RTW skirt to cover all sergered seams. Sheer designed trim was used for lining hem and covered skirt's blind hem. 1-inch waistband was fused interfacing both sides.

It was perfect to wear with Chanel style Pink Jacket I made.

  V.V.MODE - Designs and Life Styles - DIY without pattern.

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Brown double wool Skirt

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"2010 - Endless Combination Contest" on PR


 Yay, good news... I am going back to work. Hope it's real soon. I was so busy last week with all type of resume, contacts....preparing for it but did not delay my sewing at all. I will participate to Endless Combination Contest on PR. It's interesting contest and I like the idea of this contest. My them is Office Outfits with Brown/Chocolate/Pink-Purple, and some sort of floral printed fabrics. I've done 5 items already. More to come for sure to complete my mini wardrobe


Ok, here is the first item I made. It's thick double wool. So I wanted to use both side of this wool to create combination color for the front. Fitted skirt from waist to upper-knee then opened evenly to just low-knee length.  


The back was cut as normal. Elastic used for waistband. Skirt was lined with light brown, skin tone - fancy nylon. I used serger machine for all seams except folding waistband, but then sergered to attach waistband with lining at wrong side. Hem was used with brown stretching lace trim to cover edges then hand-stitched blind-hem.   


I want to add brown fancy yarn to front seams and hem - kind of Chanel style because after this one I was going to make Light Pink Jacket with lace.



V.V.MODE - Designs and Life Styles DIY without pattern

"More than just Sewing" - Cloudyhn


Restyled Linen Skirt

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Waist and hip -  the most - when and where women gain some pounds. My problem also. I loved my linen pants: so light and comfortable, great form also.  But then not fit any more :( I thought I got to do something cause I didn't want to tuck them at the bottom of my drawers.



I finally came up with idea to restyle my pants to a skirt. And I have to say that I love the skirt, not because of the fabric but the style and how comfy it is.



The ruffles at skirt's sides (inside layer) really gave a very nice form for the skirt. The applique front and back were stitched right on top and ruffled at center parts gave the skirt's balance flowing all around and top with stretching lace trim to cover the stitches. I love it.



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REstyled Military Skirt and Plaid Shirt

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Summer time. Want something make you cool down but still so fashionista.... Here is my idea to refashion old and unfit clothes.



Below is the whole outfit that I've just done this morning:  Another skirt that was remade from a military khakis pants and a long sleeves plaid shirt remade to a cool sleeveless summer shirt.




Snap buttons were added on the applique raw edge pockets.


The armholes, pockets , collar seam and bottom hem' shirt were cut out and stitched silver thread zigzag stitches for decoration and kept the raw edges. So it was matched with the skirt and gave a strong look for the whole outfit.



Can wear it without the tank top ... but a cool bikini that I'm gonna wear this weekend. 


More than just sewing - Cloudyhn


Restyled Black Suede Skirts

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 I'm cleaning up my closet. Big deal.... cuz so many things not fit me anymore. Why??? I just gain some pounds :P   But ....






    Here is what I did to this leather longskirt (upper ankle length). I cut it into 2 parts

The top part is about upper knee about 3.5 inches. Inside lining is shorten by 0.5 inch. Then I stitched on the hem line 2-inches width stretching black lace trim.              


                                The finished look




 The Bottom part has A-shape. I trimmed down from the top about 1.5 inch to make it fit my hip. Then I used 2 large width (3-inch) heavy duty elastic bands stitched (zig-zag) together to make it double width. So I had about 6-inch waisband. Then stitched on the skirt with the original lining (of course bottom part and was adjusted a little bit to fit).


        Because it was short and to match with the top part I used the same stretching black lace trim, pleated and stitched directly on the hem line of the skirt.




                              Done and Voila....





     Hope you like these ideas.


     More than just sewing - Cloudyhn 


Black suede pants REMADE to Ruffle Skirt

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I found this black suede pants (size 2) clearanced at Danier outlet closed to my house last weekend - unbelievable prize for leather product.


Seriously I'm crazy of ruffle right now. Every idea came up in my mind always had ruffle in it. What can I say? ...  Based on D&G Spring-Summer runway show 2010, with my additional idea on the design I created myself a new version that I could make it more femenine and softer...




As you can see I cut out the legs, stitched straight from the middle of the center lines to the end then trimmed out the front and back curves. So ... I got the top part of my skirt.


To make the ruffle: I detached all the stitches in the leg parts (4 pieces).  Cut 6 strips with outside edges smaller width than in the middle. The ruffle took only 2 pieces


Plus I cut 4 strips with 2-2 different sizes 12cm x 100cm and 20cm x 145cm. All folded in half and ruffled then sergered the edges.


I got the leather flower, crochet edges trim that I bought long time ago just $.99c per m. Now it's time to use it. Look good on the skirt. I picked 5 flowers to stitch on my matching top.





The top is super simple. Just cut a small cut and teared it off. So I have: 1 piece for the ruffle neck 50cm x 145cm (folfed in half 25cm length) and 1 piece for the body 70cm x 145cm



Stitched 2 edges of each piece together to round it.


Folded in half to define the armpit holes (Cut a straight cut down 20cm deep) then hem ( keep the hem as small as you can).


Next attched the ruffle neck and body part using French seam, left enough room for elastic.


Hemmed the bottom line - 1 inch hem size - stitched 2 lines. Elastic - in the middle.


Glad it's done .... 2 pieces left could make a lots of things... Maybe a matching pouch...


                   More than just sewing - Cloudyhn



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Ruffle is back. And jean's never been at the wrong time , in the wrong place.



I bought 2 pieces of wringkle polyesters (1.2m and 1.5m). Reduce cutting totally. I just measured the length of each layer , cut a little at the edge and teared it. Very simple. 




First layer: (14cm length) 2 pieces of  30 cm x 140 cm (fold in half  + 1cm for seam allowance)

Second layer: (22cm length) 2 pieces of  45 cm x 140 cm (fold in half + 1cm for seam allowance)


Third layer: (22cm length) 2 pieces of 45 cm x 140 cm (fold in half + 1cm for seam allowance)


Waistband: (5cm length) 1 pieces of 12 cm x 115 cm (fold in half + 1cm for seam allowance)


Lining: 1 piece of 15 cm x 115 cm  (top layer) and 1 piece of 20 cm x 115 cm (bottom layer)


After ruffling,  each layer (2x140cm=280cm) ruffle down to have the same width with the lining width - 115 cm


Jean shirt: altered from boy shirt size 14-16. Shortened by 4 inches, narrowed body 5 inches in total and sleeve 2 inches in total.


And   VOILA.......:D  Ready for Printemps?



                                    More than just sewing - Cloudyhn




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Working for banks for more than 15 years, outfits for office are always one of my issues. How to keep my look --- FRESH? The key is know how to combine one skirt, pants or dress with the top, jacket, purse and a pair of shoes. Of course I spend a little bit time in the previous night to think what I will wear for next morning.  The trick is : there are so many ways to combine those so it may take couple months for me to go back the same look with what I was put on oneday.


I love skirts and dresses more than pants. And here are my skirts. Designed and stitched by me (some by my friend)



1. This set was made from pre-embroidered wool linen 3 years ago



2. The pencil skirt was made 3 years ago, knit cotton top - last year, nilon lemon jacket - 4 years ago



3. Off-white stretching corduroy skirt was made last year, sparkling printed wool top - last month, blue light coat was designed by me, stitched by my friend last year 


 4.  Dior stretching velvet skirt  - 6 years ago - stitched by my friend, designed by me


5. Wool skirt and jacket - 3 years ago 



6.  Stretching cotton skirt - 2 years ago, corduroy deep green and faux fur jacket - reversible - last month



7.  These 2 skirts were REMADE last year from Danier long suede skirt (A shape in the bottom).

The top was altered to pencil skirt, I stitched black lace on the lining inside. The bottom part was made to the A shape skirt. Waist was made by 2 layers of heavy duty black elastics. To lengthen the skirt, I stitched black lace on the bottom. And here we are I had 2 nice ones.


8.  Cotton twill skirt - good for casual Friday. Adjustable waist by 2 side bottons


and more ....               


    MORE THAN JUST SEWING. --- Cloudyhn 

Outfit for Office ... like Pro

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The outfit had been made around 3 years ago. But I think the style can go forever.


I had posted it on Threads Magaxzine website.



Please take a look and tell me what you think.....