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Weekend Project 5 - Dress for Valentine - Feb 9-12

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It's been soooo long since my first weekend project posted. Well I'm still making my clothes, so far I finished 5 more dresses, top and skirts. But my laptop was down in last 2 months, I could not do anything other than checking my stuff from Iphone. Here I am, i got the laptop fixed and starting to load my stuffs up :)  I will get others posted when I got the photos done. 



This dress was made for Valentine's Day. I've done it during Thursday evening and couple hours on Sunday. We had such a busy and special week /weekend: my husband birthday, our wedding annyversary then Valentine's Day 


We had a small party at work for Valentines, cakes, chocolates... red  and pink colors were seen everywhere. It was fun and I think we all enjoyed it.   


I fell in love with this fabric. Believe me the dress's cost is not over $7. It was tretching lycra (inside layer) and pressured bonded lycra (outside layer), basically 2 layers with a shiny, a bit of glitery and leather look. The sleeves were black mesh fabric  (not stretching) combined with jersey leather look-a-like knit. The dress is more beautiful with oversize self bowtie on V-neck. It's flexible to use as simple front tie (like man's tie) or a scarf cross over the shoulder.    

The dress's construction was very simple. The bodice was stitched in front center as a tube. Of course I had to measure it fit my hip round and the length that I desired. Then with basic construction, I draw down where the waist line, bust line, shoulder line lay on fabric and then the width fit with my shoulder and bust' measurements. Next, cut out arm-holes for sleeves  


The most difficult was to create darts for waist fitting and the dress's form. So I decided to have 2 hidden darts at the back, and 2 front darts with 2 paralell top-stitched lines which started from bust's points, going down (angle) to outside hip points. I'm very pleased with this front darts which created very flattering, clean cut and a nice form for the bodice's front.   


The shouder part was a bit different. The shoulder on front bodice was cut short 3 cm, so I gave the shoulder on back bodice an extra 3 cm to go over and attached in front , then parallel top-stitched . To get stronger look, I used shoulder pads for this dress The band for bowtie was 10-inch width folded stiched from between these shoulder attached lines and back neck. From there the band was opened as its full size with zig-zag edge. 

There were 2 layers at sleeve's wrist and I used zig-zag scisors to cut out the edges, top layer was a bit shorter to show double edges.  


I love this dress and defenitely it was a hit at work for Valentine's Day. Hope you all like it.  


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Leather and Lace evening Dress

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I'm so proud of what I did to this dress. Planning to make dress to wear at my husband's nephew in Green Bay since June but I've never touched it until Saturday Sept 4 - 2 days before leaving to US for the wedding, the family's 2011 golf tournament and my short trip to visit the Windy City - Chicago. What a trip!!! Anyway, let talk about my dress.

I had so many ideas for the dress, changed and changed and changed again both styles and materials also color choices. Until I started pick up the scissors I made the final change that used leather-look stretching lycra knit. Fabric was bought in the previous week which was pre-bonded silver knit - black lace which caught my eyes right at the first time I saw it. On sale ... wow ... $5/m (60" width) I bought 2m but used only 1.2m.

Bust was fully lined to insert bust foam, and has the leather fabric around the edges so I could fold it to outside a bit to show the contrast (as seen in the photo) or kept it as original so that edges will look more curvy. The back looks more charming than I thought.

Big hit for the night with this dress for sure. I loved it and Everyone loved it  also :). 

Last minutes before going to bed on Sunday night - actually 1:30AM Monday morning I got my little wrist bag done with embellishment pieces for my slingback sandals. Gotta love those too. 

I hope you like these too. It's just more than just sewing. I worked so hard in 10 hours to finish from head to toes - fully lined dress, invisible zipper. And obviously Pay it off.... what do you think? 

I did hand-sequenced little glitter black round sequences on the bows, along gathering shoes' pieces and on center bust. Really they are so tiny , may not shown clearly on photos. Oh well, doesn't matter , does it :)

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GoldenGirl Gown

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I bought this sparkling golden/bronze knit (cotton/lycra) quite long ago thinking making a gown or something. It was on sale for $3/m. I bought 1.3m but I used a bit for my black evening dress, the left is about 1m for this gown. I love the color almost like golden sands. Anyway I drafted and cut this one yesterday. I sewed last night. for about 2 hours after watching Dancing with the Stars. I love the show. Pretty much done for sewing part. The embellishment I just finished and got some photos to post.  

I cut the bust top with 2 layers stitched at wrong sides (RS together) with transparent elastic then sergered, then flip over. Ruffled underbust at center part. I stitched 2/8inch elastic in wrong side then sergered it also.      

Black lace for back's bodice, not too much stretching but stretch enough for keep the dress not too loose. I love the back detail with real deep V cut . I used black stretching lace trim (5/8inch width I think) for binding the armholes and neck areas. The ruffle piece at center's back seam was one big circle, opened by one cut then stitched in between the edges, then I sergered it also.      


Bottom hem was appliqued by the same black lace (I used the edge of lace fabric then cut out following its waves) . Cause both fabric were stretching so I use zig-zag stiched to control the hem's edge.      


Cause of lace at the back and deep V, I had to make a new underlining skirt - low waist. I like to wear underlining dress with dresses I made. Fabric was satin 2-way stretching knit (thick like swimwear fabric). Stitched at the back center, hemed with off-white stretching lace trim. 2/8inch width elastic for waistband. Also I used off-white lace trim for decoration the waistband also covered at wrongside's edge. This made the item higher quality and cleaned look.        


For embellishments, I made the fabrics combination flowers . All were cut cirle then hand-stitched with metal flowers (left over from napkin rings I made last year). There, I love it. This will be my gown to wear at my friend's birthday coming up.     


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Marie Antoinette

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My stepdaughter needed a costume for Halloween this year so she asked me to make one. I thought it would be kind of difficult but then it wasn't bad while I was cutting - I drafted the pattern.    




1.5m Deep Blue Silk Bracade

1.0m Yellow medium weight satin

1.0m heavy weight white net

8.0m lace trims - different widths

1.0m medium blue ribbon

Total cost : $45


The most challenge I met while cutting this costume was my stepdaughter's curves as she has such a small waist but big.... bust (34DD) and bottom.    

For the bodice: The back was cut with normal bust measurement (size 34) but the front was a big different with double bust movements to extend the bust size and for that the lower bust were big also which I used 4 darts at front's bodice and 2 darts from armholes for fitting. I was surprised that it fit her like a "T" right at the first time she tried it on.

I used the wrongside for triangle piece in front which created the dress's contrast. I made small ruffled yellow satin for front neck upper bust area. Zipper was covered at the back     

The upperlayer skirt was ruffled at waist. I changed a bit as the bottom hem of this layer wrap fit around the underdress (different from the sample) look more classic as original Marie Antoinette style with big and bold hip' sides and big yellow bow-tie at the back.

Underdress was yellow satin ruffled by elastic and stitched under zipper area at the back, and hand-stitched occationally around bodice (attached on darts) and hem by 2 layers of wide width pre-pleated lace trims.     


Mini petticoat which was full-skirt with satin and 2 layers of ruffled white nets with white lace trim.    

To finish I pleated and stitched the white (1 inch width) lace trim around neck, down to front and around upperlayer skirt.    

3 different sizes of yellowbows, (underlayers were blue brocade so not neccessary to use interface ), hand-stitched on triangle piece in front. And 2 small bows attached on sleeves which are upper elbow with layer and layer lace trims. Also I made 2 ruffled bands (elastics for stretching) with small bows and lace/each for white tights (upper knee tight). And 2 layers of lace trims were hand-stitched on Chinese woodhandfan.                                                             

She was so happy with the result and excited waiting for this Halloween as she will host the Halloween party at her house. That will be fun for young adults for sure.

... Finally I got her photos at the party. She looked awesome in the dress. So far it was a hit, she said. Her hair was done by her friend using baby powder for color (idea from Marie Antoinetter making film progress on youtube...). She didnot use the wristband and hair piece I made. It's OK though.


Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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Black Satin Evening Dress 2 - LBD contest

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I have about 75cm black satin fabric (left over from my eveningdress ) so I decided to make one for for the contest.


I don't expect to win any contest BUT it would be much more appreciated for sewers who is creating things WITHOUT pattern. Products are come out ... still ...  nice, clean look and perfect fit. No defense -  It's just my opinion :)




Fabric used 75cm - black satin and 20cm - pink satin

Elastics 1.8m , shining elastic 0.6m, black stretching lace trim 1.5m

Total cost $10


I used very simple cutting: crossed bust (2 layers - not full inner layer so able to attach or insert foambust form), I cut tbe shapes first, after gather together I made some adjust to fit.


Underbust band (2 layers also) for combination I used the same type of satin fabric but dark pink color, ruffled at the back part by 5 elastics put though in between.      

I use shining elastic for straps connected from front to backcenter point.

For embellishments and create more details I made 2 scarfs bolded at the ends attached at bust top points. The fun part is I can play around with those like scarfs: let them freely falling down in front or throw to the back; tight at the front and the back; can be able twist around the neck too...    


The skirt part - simple a rectangle, I stitched as a round piece, turn the seam line to the backcenter. Then mark half for front center bust, from that mark measured to both sides about 1/4 of underbust plus 2 inches for darts so I had 2 marks of dress sides. For sure the left was skirt's back which is gathered with the underbust band with elastics.



V.V.MODE - Designs and Life Styles DIY without pattern

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BlackSatin Evening Dress

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My birthday's coming ... end of this month, I thought of making myself a new dress quite long ago. Then I saw the Little Black Dress contest on PR. Here we go, got to make it and I have only 3 days to go... Well I drafted yesterday, sewed yesterday along with making my Thanksgiving Turkey dinner.  I tried to finish it last night but one ruffled piece which was disappeared within my notions I thought (turned out it was dropped down in one of my drawers :) Well Got to stop and I got it done today. Wow, release totally. And my photos are done also which I don't like much the result but no time, I have thing to do tomorrow.


Without expect of winning the competition, but I hope that by creating things WITHOUT pattern, that the product was based on cutting and designing technique, it would be much more appreciated.



                                                     Evening Black Satin Dress


Style: One shoulder ruffled dress

Fabric: Medium weight stretching satin - of course BLACK

Fabric used :

     1m (the dress's length is 95cm) 

     20cm of sparkling light bronze knit (spandex and polyester),

     50cm lining knit

     1.3m stretching black lace trim (1 inch width)

     1.4m black elastic 5/8 width

     and invisible zipper


Total cost : $12 (everything I bought all on sale upto 75% off or buy 1 get 2 free at Fabricland).

I keep budget for everything I make at super low cost, summer clothes are about $3-$7, winter's are more of course but no more than $15,  but  fur and leather are exception sometimes.


Cause of one shoulder dress, to make bust fit, one side I used dart from armhole and the other ruffled instead of dart. Of course the verticle darts in front to create body's form too.


Bronze knit ruffled around front neck line, from under arm up to shoulder all the way to the shoulder point, be able to change the shape up and down as desired.


Small Elastic stitched around neck line for fitting.

Lining is very simple with elastic and black lace at bottom hem 

 The little scarf which is stretching sheer (snake skin pattern) is attached by pin I had it with my long traditional dress (same fabric)



The little bow - I just finished this morning - attached by safety pin.



  Ruffle broze knit at bottom hem which can see both front and back which gave the dress balanced as look



  Front bust area has 2 layers to support with insert foam bust set . Yahoooo, no bra  :)


Black lace trim was used for bottom hem and back neck to cover fabric at wrong side and show a bit scallop trim at the right side. See photos


For embellishments : to cover top stitches and matched with bronze I used gold rayon thread and scallop stitches: bottom hem, back neck and armhole.


I think this is enough for the post. But no I'm gonna make a little bow to hand-stitch above of the ruffle at bottom hem. My plan :) I'm getting tired now... Will add more tomorrow

Hi all, I just updated this post with casual wear to work. Check the photos in the middle of this post or gallery album. I've done a little bow for the dress also as mentioned above. Thank for stopping by. Hope you all enjoy it.


More than just sewing - Cloudyhn



More animal print ... Halterdress

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 Fall... I'm getting ready  for Fall :) I mean clothes. I'm still enjoying sunny summer days (after 3 days ... rainning).  Anyway I got this dress done yesterday: hot color, hot print. hot style also.


Coordinated with brown leather jacket.

This leather jacket was restyled from men's leather shirt

(as I mentioned in my restyled jean shirt with leather corset - please see Tops) by added cable knit band.  


Hope you like it ... 


   More than just sewing - Cloudyhn

Strapless Dress for my son's graduation

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I got this piece of printed stretching lace just for $5. I loved the color also the print. Nice and so classy

Anyway I used it and made the dress to wear at my son's Graduation Ceremony ( It was matched with his tie also) This dress had only 1 stitching line in the back center. I used black sparkling stretching knit for burst top seam line and lining inside. 5/8-inch elastic for the burst top, plus elastic stitches 2 burst sides .


At the Graduation Ceremory I wore this with the white lace top I made last year (Honestly I still didn't get used to with wearing sleeveless in public except going out for shopping or on vacations)  The top is pretty simple, no button (only 1 tiny hook on collar), long sleeves  


 And here is how it looked at Graduation Ceremony




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My son's suits for GR. 8 Graduation

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GRADUATIONs - Big times for teenagers either for Gr.8, Gr.12 or even College, University.


 My son just graduated Grade 8. I spent so much time to think about his outfit. I did not mind to buy him a new suit. But is it worth to buy a suit when there is no chance to wear it again and my teenager boy's growing like crazy .


So I decided not to buy but fix his old suits which my friend made for him when he was 8. I asked my friend to make it bigger than his size at that time, so he made it like size S for Asian men and left room for sleeves, pants' length extension. But still small for my boy now as he's kind of the same size with western teenagers here.


Note: in this photo I was wearing 4-inch platforms but still shorter :) (I'm 5'3")


The pants length was extended as much as I can and I added 1.5 inch of silky black satin curf.


For the suit: 3-inches silky black satin was appliqued to lenthen the sleeves and bodice. Plus a little ruffle piece decoration for the pocket.  At the end we were all happy with the result. He looked handsome and had a good time at Graduation Ceremony. So did I.


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Cutie Pink Lace Vintage Dress and matching Purse

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I love lace. I bought this pink lace fabric quite long ago there wasn't a good idea for me to make something from it. Then it was forgotten in my fabric shelves.


Spring color contest on Threads reminded me I got that piece of pink color. Plus I got so many types of lace trims.


My idea came up with a very simple cut (My style is simple and clean cutting) The dress is one full piece.


There was seam line in the center of the front dress. Then Black and Pink lace trim was pleated at the bust to neck area then stitched to cover the seam line. The cut out part was shoulder and arm holes area. The back was ruffled at waist line by elastic stitched to creat curve and fit to body.


All the seam lines at arm holes, neck line, and bottom line was cover by 1/2-inch black lace trim created a really nice look. The pink lace trim was stitched on top of pleated lines, then pink pearls were beaded to make the dress. .. more classy and kind of vintage look.


Along with the dress I made the matching purse from black suede. I posted this purse on craftstylish website for the contest named "Amp up you Accessories Contest". 

So I made a little purse from black suede - leftover from my Danier's leather pants which had been already remade to a beautiful ruffled skirt (you can find it posted in Skirts category)


 To make them matching with the dress: light pink, black and black and pink, plus pink pearls beads - stitched and beaded on the purse.The Black and Pink lace trim was pleated then I stitched small pink lace trim on top.


The purse's handle was made from my hangers (I cut and took a part and reshaped it) and covered by suede leather (ruffled) with the same pink lace fabric with the dress and black lace trim on top. The handle was attached from inside out, the outside ends were topped by 2 pieces of black plastic (original from the hangers) and covered under the pink lace fabric.


Hope you enjoy it.


       Feel free to post your opinions on my post. Thank you!


     More than just sewing - Cloudyhn

Vietnamese AODAI

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When I was in Vietnam, everything I had in my closet was ordered to make as my desires. That meant totally fit, totally up-to-date fashion trends in the world.


Here is the thing that I thought I'm not gonna made it ever. But I did it. AODAI is one of Vietnam signatures in the world. It contains so much SPIRIT of our culture. Familiar with China, it has Sheongsam. But the cultures show they are defferent. I should have posted one blog - just about AODAI collection. Because I have so many .... AODAI was our work uniform when I worked in my bank in Vietnam. I miss wearing those.


My new modernized AODAI was posted on Threads last weekend for Spring color contest. I'm very proud of my work, not because my project was completed perfectly but this is one my little chance to show everybody on Threads network also to the world about Vietnam. I'm proud to be Vietnamese, still Vietnamese even I'm living now in Canada, If you go to Google just type in AODAI you will get more info about what the world says....


Spring time .....Gorgeous restaurant's backyard. European architechture



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