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Weekend Project 1 - Nov. 12-13 2011

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We have nights of frosts and a bit of snow. Definitely Winter is already here. No more going out for a day-trips to adventure Ontario. Staying at home with 2-3 meals per weekend day ... uhmmm ... not fun ... so I had a new idea about sewing: to get myself exciting by try to finish something during weekend besides watching TV, cleaning, doing laundry, cook meals... This weekend is the first.

The outfit was done this morning. Brown interlock knit skirt and bow-tight blouse. The blouse's bodice was bias cut with self-tight bow. Short sleeves which were take-in shoulder style and binding hems. Fabric is printed polyester as chocolate tracing circles and roses on very light pink/salmon (not really pink) background. The advantage of bias cut was creating the fitness even it is slip-in blouse and no darts. It was no wrinkle, clean look and flattering.

The skirt which was cut as high waist and big width waist band (2 layers), controlled by elastic stitched in between on the top seam. Also as I cut off at mid thigh, I used layers (which were different cut on both front and back: top small width curve pieces, 1/2 circle pieces at center parts and triangle pieces at sides to control flaring. So basicly almost like pencil skirt style but still have so much room for easily moving. Front and back skirt were the same. As interlock knit I did not hem the skirt. Maybe I will top stitch kind of small lace trim (if I find something nice and light at Fabricland) For now, I'm ok with the whole outfit turned out.

One more thing I have to tell - which is why I keep my sewing going on. Total cost (includes tax :)) $7. Steal deal...eh. Now it's ready for work tomorrow with my metallic pink leather jacket ( I got a good deal at Danier store for $60). Yayyyyy...

Not sure I can do like this every weekend but I'll try. Wait for another weekend coming...

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Stripes cotton top

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Ok last couple weeks were so far the hottest days of this summer. I feel good when I can wear summer clothes in summer. You know what I mean... Canada has never been hot weather for me. I put on sweaters and suits all the time in summer - at work. And my husband is lucky that he can work from home , but then our energy is way higher than it was cause he turns on air conditioning and I have to pull the blanket to cover while watching TV at home. Anyway, last week was hot but I'm happy with the heat :) weird ... eh!!!  

Well that is about the weather. Let talk about my sewing. I love orange - My favourite color. I got this orange/beige cotton knit piece quite long ago. I bought 4m cost only $10. This is my 2-hour project for the weekend. Comfortable it's my target - super cool and super loose style.
To play with the stripes, the main top is horizontal stripes, but front sleeves were vertical stripes and center back's neck  was cut out as deep U shape and replaced by vertical stripes and double pleats at back center.  
Sewing was very simple. I used the serger machine to serge all parts together. For hems I used Zig-zag stitch function of the sewing machine.  

 Well this will be my outfit for tomorrow. I can't wait :) .

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Corduroy white skirt with top

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Fabric: 70cm stretching off-white cotton corduroy  


Style: fitted and short. All seams were flat felled seams. 2 gathered style pockets appliqued at the back. Lining. It will be nice with jean fabric also.



The top was fringe light knit. Loose style, gathered at hip and wrists by elastic thread. Narrow rolled hems for wide-neck line, sleeves and bodice. It's simple style but easy to fit to any occation: work, shopping, lunch out ...  



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Diamond Sheer blouse

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"2010 Endless Combination" Contest on PR


I got back to work last week. Totally new things for me to learn. Working for this Japanese bank is kind of different from my previous experience. Tough time but it's getting better and better everyday. Although going through difficult time I still saved sometimes for my sewing. I've done all items for the contest. This blouse was the 8th item.


Fabric : printed polyester sheer (crinkled georgette) I used 2 different prints 



Here are the details

  • Buttons down. Cause of fabric print - diamonds so I used pink square buttons which were hand-covered by the same fabric. For the combinations, I used the dark pink diamonds to cover the buttons' tops.
  • Round neck, 5/8-inch bias strip appliqued on right side then I stitched one line in center of bias strip and put through a same fabric pipe around neck line which will change the neck shape or close neck insteads of button.
  • Long sleeves which were gathered at shoulder parts, bell-shape opened at wrists. To avoid boring look or adding accents for the blouse, I used the other fabric piece for the bell-shape sleeves (I chosed the floral circles) and hemed by the diamond fabric folded strip.
  • No dart.
  • Regular 1/4-inch hem


There, pretty much all of the blouse details. Serger machine was used for stitching the most as usual. Because of sheer fabric, I had to secure by one more time stitch for attching sleeves and blouse's bodice.


For this sheer blouse I could wear the chocolate knit top for under - garment, paired with brown/purple suit pants then top with/ without Pink wool tweed Suit. It depends. And I made a matching dress for this blouse also (see my next post)


Again this is very feminine, versatile even it's simple. Hope you enjoy this post.



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Rayon sleeveless Shirt

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"2010 Endless Combination Contest" on PR


Ok so this was the 5th items - Left over from silk dupioni that I used to make the skirt. This was cut out at waist. The bodice had pleats for fitting. The lower part was curved ... not like a full round but I measured and leave anough room for wrapping around hip area and fitting at waist to attach with the bodice piece.


The button strips (bigger than 1-inch width a little bit) in front were fused with interfacing and top stiched. I used plastic snap buttons so no button hole at all. I made a covered plus size button for decoration closing at waist. Collar was cut like standcollar with a bit wider and lower than usual style.   


Also be able combined with a set of Brown wool skirt and Pink jacket

I'm working on my suit pants. Almost done except attaching waistband and hand-stitch hems.  

   V.V.MODE - Designs and Life Styles - DIY without pattern

   "More than just Sewing"  - Cloudyhn


Chocolate Knit Top

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"2010 - Endless Combination Contest" on PR



WELL... This was the 2nd item, to wear with my wool skirt. I wanted it just a simple knit top as the skirt was the "first" focus when people looking at me and I like the pop-up idea out of the overall outfit look.

It was fitted, wide-neck, not too long sleeve (1 inch far from my wrist). Fabric was lycra/spandex - swimwear knit. And again I love my serger machine - pretty much maximized stitching job  :)  



And here we go. This is the 1st outfit - done 


Sooooo.... what do you think?



V.V.MODE - Designs and Life Styles - DIY without pattern

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Noil Silk Tunic Shirt

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I know winter's definitely here and I don't like that at all :(  This top was made long ago but I did not have a chance to post. I was told I should've made more of this... Correct and I will. I had a piece of silver stretching cotton and maybe will be longer a bit to wear with leggings... 


Here is some photos I had about this top. Very simple, not a big problem about fitting woes by using pleats and darts


Pleats in front bust and on the sleeves. 2 darts in lower front and 1 double dart at center back. Over-elbow sleeve length with dart also. Collar was cut like golf T-shirt with a long row of button down to mid-bodice. Darts help the shirt wrapping around upper thigh area.


                       Hope you like it.



V.V.MODE - Designs and Life Styles DIY without pattern

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More ... Tank Top

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This is the second top made from the remaining. Sexy and comfy.



The straps are able to change as I hand stitch a small hook

at the back's center and thread bars on the straps




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Tank Tops for Summer

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Got some nice printed knit 100% cotton on sale in Walmart and Fabricland so I decided to make dresses. The remain I made tank tops, just simple design. Using twin needle is such an easy way to control stretching.


I love the fabric print, the color, the material of fabric (very light weight cotton knit). I finished just about an hour  each.


 Here is the second one



Gotta love them :)



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REStyled Jean Shirt with Leather Corset

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I was soooo inspired by D&G, Stella McCarthy, DSquared ... and fashion trends 2009-2010 with combination Jean and Leather. As far I know this is still... so hot in runway shows for 2011.


I got this Jean shirt which I bought for my son, but it was not fit for long as my boy is growing like crazy. Plus I got jean shirt which my brother bought it for me when he studied his Master of Architecture in Torino - Italia 10 years ago. Anyway they were perfect for me to restyle it - Jean and Leather.



I cut out the top part ( from high waist ) of the leather shirt and use knit to sew in (4 inches) to make it like... short leather jacket with knit waistband.  The remaining shirt bottom was cut out to adjust with darts and stitched to fit bodice like corset and attached to the jean shirt


 Hope you like it : ) 

More than just sewing - Cloudyhn


Funky tunic top

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Fabric: very light weight knit,  80%cotton 20%wool


If you have experience on cutting cotton knit, OMG , You got to deal with the edges. Easy cutting but tough to straight the edges. I came up with the idea that why not keep the natural roll edges. Finished in about an hour. And I did it. No seam for all the edges, I let the fabric rolled as it is and played a little bit with the stripes. And the final was very funky and I loved that look. Serged at the right side.



 What do you say??? I like to wear this with dark navy upper-knee leggings or jean capris with high wedges :)



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REstyled Military Skirt and Plaid Shirt

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Summer time. Want something make you cool down but still so fashionista.... Here is my idea to refashion old and unfit clothes.



Below is the whole outfit that I've just done this morning:  Another skirt that was remade from a military khakis pants and a long sleeves plaid shirt remade to a cool sleeveless summer shirt.




Snap buttons were added on the applique raw edge pockets.


The armholes, pockets , collar seam and bottom hem' shirt were cut out and stitched silver thread zigzag stitches for decoration and kept the raw edges. So it was matched with the skirt and gave a strong look for the whole outfit.



Can wear it without the tank top ... but a cool bikini that I'm gonna wear this weekend. 


More than just sewing - Cloudyhn


Pleated Plaids Shirt

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 I made this pleated shirt about 2 years ago. There was no pattern involved, just inspired by Ralph Lauren Style.


The sleeve's length can be able adjusted by folding up or let it down as shown in the photos. Wearable for special occasions..., beautiful for office, lovely matching pattern.


Insteads of darts I used pleats to create the bodice's curve, plus using bias cut...that made it fit perfectly to the body and flexible size range also. Black snap buttons.


The black skirt - knee length shown in the photos was made at the same time using bias also. It was stretching twill suit fabric. Cause of stretching plus bias so there was no zipper required for the skirt.


        More than just sewing - Cloudyhn

Double Cotton Top

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Simply and sexy enough for casual days.... individual wearable


Fabric: matching solid and printed knit cotton. 2m

Price: CAD$3 per m



     More than just sewing - Cloudyhn

Outfit for Office ... like Pro

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The outfit had been made around 3 years ago. But I think the style can go forever.


I had posted it on Threads Magaxzine website.



Please take a look and tell me what you think.....