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Jean Blazer with riding pants

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I know... I've done it last September and wore it in our family's golf tournament... but today I had a chance to wear this set.  I used jean fabricwhich was left over  from my riding jeans  http://cloudyhn.webs.com/apps/blog/show/4773698-riding-jeans 


and the wool stripes dress which gave me the idea for my jean blazer . So it had both fabric types combined.      

Charcoal silky nylon lining, gathered at backneck, sleeves (gathered at shoulder) were combined jean and knit also and 2 knit bows as pockets' flaps.  


I made a round scarf to create XL collar or shouler cover. I love to play with scarf. It's fun.



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Pink Wool Tweed Jacket

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"2010 Endless Combination Contest" on PR


Here is my new pink jacket. I just did not like the real long sleeves any more. So this one I cut it kind of 3/4 sleeves. It's not too short, not too long and I felt very comfortable with it while working with all my banking paperworks.   


Fabric was wool tweed (I'm not sure it's tweed. I got to check the fabric material book) But it was not thick, firm surface. To secure the fabric I ironed interfacing for the entire jacket, then sergered all edges before sewing pieces together. So it's almost like building suit style.    

I have big shoulder - 40cm (compared with women normal size) so I did not want to use too thick shoulder pads. Those were hand trimmed down to half size. Collar and Belt were cut from 5-inch width pink stretching lace trim and the lace edge was totally advantage taken. Sleeve hems were top stitched with lace also. Closing by a small hook attached at lace belt.





 AND.... Voila .... not the best photos though because I forgot to iron the sleeves.



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This is 2 out of 4 items I had done last week. I love the fabric pattern of print and material also. It's light, smooth and soft.




Fabric: 2.2m light wool

1.5m stretching lining knit


Very simple design and cutting , no dart - Almost like Burda 7580. The important thing was matching pattern and nice design look.


Knit lining made for both dress and jacket.

I desiced to make strap dress , elastic for ruffled neck' front and back. It was more comfortable to wear under jacket than a shortsleeve dress.


Jacket sleeves were added 1 1/2 inch cuff, matching pattern with neck's front and back



V.V.MODE - Designs and Life Styles DIY without pattern

"More than just Sewing" - Cloudyhn


My own designs for Outwear

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People think that I would not buy anything. Of course I bought a lots. But only when they are really , really good deals and that kind of style will stay or never go wrong with my outlook.


I'm kind of all over everywhere. I mean I do everything I can. If I can't I learn and try till I get it. Still "Stick to the Rule" - Cutting basic. I made myself coat and jacket. Even made insolated lining


Here are several of jackets I've designed and made.


 This faux fur coat I made 2 years ago. Nylon lining.




This dark green corduroy I just finished last monh. Reversible, no sergered, no seam line.



 This is the inside out look, super wide collar so I can play with that with or without scarf





This lemon blended wool coat is my favourit for very very cold days. Done 3 years ago.



I made the special twill shell lining quilted thick insolate. I used dark green beaded lace( usually use for drapes) and curtains). The supersize button holes made with black fine suede 


This one is reversible also. I'd already posted on Threads last month. Done 2 years ago I think. I could not remember exactly when. I made some changes couples months ago


This is new look after buttons and water-drop shape pockets added ...... and reversible look


Another lemon color. Light Spring jacket



(I love yellow and green, any kind of tones from these colors)  Posted on Threads also. Water resistant. Good under light rain. I like wearing it with leather skinny pants.



and more ....


                                 More than just sewing - Cloudyhn