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Diamond Sheer blouse

Posted on December 6, 2010 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (0)


"2010 Endless Combination" Contest on PR


I got back to work last week. Totally new things for me to learn. Working for this Japanese bank is kind of different from my previous experience. Tough time but it's getting better and better everyday. Although going through difficult time I still saved sometimes for my sewing. I've done all items for the contest. This blouse was the 8th item.


Fabric : printed polyester sheer (crinkled georgette) I used 2 different prints 



Here are the details

  • Buttons down. Cause of fabric print - diamonds so I used pink square buttons which were hand-covered by the same fabric. For the combinations, I used the dark pink diamonds to cover the buttons' tops.
  • Round neck, 5/8-inch bias strip appliqued on right side then I stitched one line in center of bias strip and put through a same fabric pipe around neck line which will change the neck shape or close neck insteads of button.
  • Long sleeves which were gathered at shoulder parts, bell-shape opened at wrists. To avoid boring look or adding accents for the blouse, I used the other fabric piece for the bell-shape sleeves (I chosed the floral circles) and hemed by the diamond fabric folded strip.
  • No dart.
  • Regular 1/4-inch hem


There, pretty much all of the blouse details. Serger machine was used for stitching the most as usual. Because of sheer fabric, I had to secure by one more time stitch for attching sleeves and blouse's bodice.


For this sheer blouse I could wear the chocolate knit top for under - garment, paired with brown/purple suit pants then top with/ without Pink wool tweed Suit. It depends. And I made a matching dress for this blouse also (see my next post)


Again this is very feminine, versatile even it's simple. Hope you enjoy this post.



V.V.MODE - Designs and Life Styles - DIY without pattern

"More than just Sewing" - Cloudyhn



Ruffled Turtleneck Tunic Dress

Posted on November 28, 2010 at 5:15 PM Comments comments (2)



"2010 Endless Combination Contest" on PR

Again I loved the details I put on clothes I made. Knowing basic cutting is big help for my details because I can decide to put something for styling and embellishments at anywhere I want on fabric. Soo.. those will make it different with "homemade" as we usually heard and I try my best to sew and put on finish touch as professional or at least beating RTW fashion.    



This dress is chocolate/white floral poly/lycra knit. Love the pattern print and I promise you will look skinner with this pattern plus this style will cover all belly tummy ... whatever you worry about not in shape. Seriously it's so chic. 


 Here is the details:

  • The dress has ruffled turtle neck closing by 3 hand-covered buttons at center's back. I stitched 1/8 elastic at both neck's sides and edges.
  • Front neck's dress was ruffled at center.
  • Ruffled at sleeves's shoulder parts.
  • Sleeves were wide-open at wrists and hem by sheer white trim, I controled stretching by using zig-zag stitched and transparent thread stitched at right side.
  • 1/4 inch elastic stitched at underbust around dress'sbodice.
  • Dress's hem also used sheer white trim on as sleeves
  • Because turtleneck was fitted so back neck was opened down about 3 inches and binded.

The special cutting I used: the dress was one piece and closed by stitching seam at back's center. The next part was cut out shoulder lines, neck shapes, armholes.... and separate cut line from underarm lowest points to waist line (these were stitched a bit like dress's darts insteads of darts at front and back I used darts at bodice's sides



V.V.MODE - Designs and Life Styles - DIY without pattern

"More than just Sewing" - Cloudyhn


Brown/Purple suit Pants

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"2010 Endless Combination Contest" on PR


I'm a bit picky at wearing pants. RTW I only like Jacob Connexion, H&M so far. This is the 6th piece for my Endless Combination. Fabric is wool/polyester suiting. Color is kind of brown/purple tone. I bought 3.5m for just $12 enough for making 1 pants, 1 suits and 1 dress. Of course my size doesn't require alot of fabric.  



This pants was cut as fitted, straight and cuffed legs, 2 side pockets, 3cm waistband overlap closing with 1 button. Knowing the basic cutting technique is really help me alot on those designs. And man, it fits like a T.... Can't complain about that. As usual I chalked directly on fabric. This pants will wear with rayon sleeveless shirt, or chocolate knit top WITH / WITHOUT pink suit



V.V.MODE - Designs and Life Styles - DIY without pattern

"More than just Sewing" - Cloudyhn



Rayon sleeveless Shirt

Posted on November 25, 2010 at 8:45 PM Comments comments (2)


"2010 Endless Combination Contest" on PR


Ok so this was the 5th items - Left over from silk dupioni that I used to make the skirt. This was cut out at waist. The bodice had pleats for fitting. The lower part was curved ... not like a full round but I measured and leave anough room for wrapping around hip area and fitting at waist to attach with the bodice piece.


The button strips (bigger than 1-inch width a little bit) in front were fused with interfacing and top stiched. I used plastic snap buttons so no button hole at all. I made a covered plus size button for decoration closing at waist. Collar was cut like standcollar with a bit wider and lower than usual style.   


Also be able combined with a set of Brown wool skirt and Pink jacket

I'm working on my suit pants. Almost done except attaching waistband and hand-stitch hems.  

   V.V.MODE - Designs and Life Styles - DIY without pattern

   "More than just Sewing"  - Cloudyhn


Rayon Twisted-Pleats Skirt

Posted on November 25, 2010 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (1)


"2010 Endless Combination Contes" on PR


This Floral Silk Dupioni piece I bought during one of my trip to Ottawa Street, Hamilton. On sale for $4.50/m (regular price was $15/m) and I bought 1.5m. It was enought for a set of sleeveless top and skirt.  


This vented skirt was one of 5 items made last week.. First idea came up with a simple one, then with the material I wanted a look of feminine, soft and sexy. So I added 5 pleats at front center for decorations, 4 darts in front and 4 in the back for waist fitting. Finally,  I got new idea for the pleats by stitching to keep the pleats staying opposite directions, then ironed to get the wavy look.



I used white satin (thick and firm, usually used for lining wedding gowns or flowergirl dresses) for lining because it would support the outer layer to have a firm  form while wearing  (rayon silk dupioni is soft material). Lining was attached to skirt vent like RTW skirt to cover all sergered seams. Sheer designed trim was used for lining hem and covered skirt's blind hem. 1-inch waistband was fused interfacing both sides.

It was perfect to wear with Chanel style Pink Jacket I made.

  V.V.MODE - Designs and Life Styles - DIY without pattern.

  "More than just Sewing" - Cloudyhn


Break in between sewing - New hair for Christmas

Posted on November 24, 2010 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (2)



Well.... I took a break in between my sewing. 2 hours were enough for me to perm my hair - wavy style for Christmas season. It was getting long and I wanted to change. I got wave lotion, hair rolls, hair pins....(all were brought to Canada from my back-home trip last year). I did last year once. And opps I did it again last week :) :P Good for change as my husband usually says.






This wavy lasts for about 6 -10 months if is taken care well with styling gel. And I just saved at least $100 in my purse :) Got to be happy with that... right?



  V.V.MODE - Designs and Life Styles - DIY without pattern

  "More than just Sewing" - Cloudyhn



Pink Wool Tweed Jacket

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"2010 Endless Combination Contest" on PR


Here is my new pink jacket. I just did not like the real long sleeves any more. So this one I cut it kind of 3/4 sleeves. It's not too short, not too long and I felt very comfortable with it while working with all my banking paperworks.   


Fabric was wool tweed (I'm not sure it's tweed. I got to check the fabric material book) But it was not thick, firm surface. To secure the fabric I ironed interfacing for the entire jacket, then sergered all edges before sewing pieces together. So it's almost like building suit style.    

I have big shoulder - 40cm (compared with women normal size) so I did not want to use too thick shoulder pads. Those were hand trimmed down to half size. Collar and Belt were cut from 5-inch width pink stretching lace trim and the lace edge was totally advantage taken. Sleeve hems were top stitched with lace also. Closing by a small hook attached at lace belt.





 AND.... Voila .... not the best photos though because I forgot to iron the sleeves.



 V.VMODE - Designs and Life Styles - DIY without pattern

"More than just Sewing" - Cloudyhn


Chocolate Knit Top

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"2010 - Endless Combination Contest" on PR



WELL... This was the 2nd item, to wear with my wool skirt. I wanted it just a simple knit top as the skirt was the "first" focus when people looking at me and I like the pop-up idea out of the overall outfit look.

It was fitted, wide-neck, not too long sleeve (1 inch far from my wrist). Fabric was lycra/spandex - swimwear knit. And again I love my serger machine - pretty much maximized stitching job  :)  



And here we go. This is the 1st outfit - done 


Sooooo.... what do you think?



V.V.MODE - Designs and Life Styles - DIY without pattern

"More than just Sewing" - Cloudyhn 


Brown double wool Skirt

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"2010 - Endless Combination Contest" on PR


 Yay, good news... I am going back to work. Hope it's real soon. I was so busy last week with all type of resume, contacts....preparing for it but did not delay my sewing at all. I will participate to Endless Combination Contest on PR. It's interesting contest and I like the idea of this contest. My them is Office Outfits with Brown/Chocolate/Pink-Purple, and some sort of floral printed fabrics. I've done 5 items already. More to come for sure to complete my mini wardrobe


Ok, here is the first item I made. It's thick double wool. So I wanted to use both side of this wool to create combination color for the front. Fitted skirt from waist to upper-knee then opened evenly to just low-knee length.  


The back was cut as normal. Elastic used for waistband. Skirt was lined with light brown, skin tone - fancy nylon. I used serger machine for all seams except folding waistband, but then sergered to attach waistband with lining at wrong side. Hem was used with brown stretching lace trim to cover edges then hand-stitched blind-hem.   


I want to add brown fancy yarn to front seams and hem - kind of Chanel style because after this one I was going to make Light Pink Jacket with lace.



V.V.MODE - Designs and Life Styles DIY without pattern

"More than just Sewing" - Cloudyhn


Vietnamese Crepes with Pork, Shrimp and bean sprouts - BANH XEO

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This is called BANH XEO.  "Xeo" means “sizzling”,  also known as sizzling Saigon crepes. Vegetable oil is used to make my banh xeo, but traditionally, it’s made with lard. To eat, just wrap it with a lettuce leaf and herbs (Thai basil, Perilla herb, mint leaves) and then dip in "nuoc cham", Vietnamese dipping sauce made of fish sauce, lime juice, and sugar. The same with fish sause for springrolls - click here  http://cloudyhn.webs.com/apps/blog/show/3091682-vietnamese-spring-rolls       

(Note: Image collected from Internet Images)  

Batter: make about 15-18

11/2 cups plain rice flour

1/4 tsp ground turmenic powder

1/2 cup canned unsweetened coconut milk

vegetable oil for cooking  



350g pork tenderloin, thinly sliced

350g small raw jumbo shrimp, peeled, deveined and sliced in half lengthwise

3 cups bean sprouts

1 head tender lettuce (I like to use Boston lettuce)

1 medium size carrot, peeled and cut into thin sticks

1 small cucumber, peeled, halved lengthwise, seeded, and thinly sliced into half-rounds

Fresh mints.

Sweet, sour and spicy fish sauce for serving     




In mixing bowl, mix together all ingredients for batter, add coconut milk slowly and whisk together untill smooth. Set the batter aside.   

Use preheated on high heat frying pan, heat 1 to 2 tsp of oil then add pork in, stir-fry for 3 minutes or until cooked. Transfer to a separate bowl.

Repeat the same fir shrimp but shorter time because shrimp cooked really fast - just need 1-2 minutes.

Again with bean sprouts for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Toss the bean sprouts with cooked pork and shrimp in the bowl.  

Heat 1 tsp of oil in an 6 to 8-inch frying pan over medium heat. Add 1/4 cup of batter (or less if you want a thinner crepe) while tilting and swirling of the frying pan. Remember doing quickly to cover evenly the frying pan's surface. Cook the crepr for 3-5 minutes or until the edge lifts and the crepe is crisp as you desire. Spread 1/2 cup of stir-fried ingredients on one half of the crepe but away from the edge. Fold the other half over the filling and transfer to a plate.

Repeat with the remaining batter.  

To eat, you can cut the crepe into 3-4 pieces then place in center of a lettuce leaf. Optional to add carrot sticks, cucumber and mint leaves. Dip with Sweet,sour and Spicy Fish Sauce. 


Sweet,sour and Spicy Fish Sauce :     

In a small bowl put in 1 cup of water, 2 tbsp sugar, 1 tbsp fish sauce, garlics, 1tbsp vinagar, 1 queeze lime juice, a pinch of salt and pepper. Mix together, and taste. It will be soft sweet and sour taste. You can throw in a bit of very thin shredded carrots.

Can put 1/2 tsp chilli sauce also (optional)   



Be sure to use plain rice flour instead of "Sitcky" or "glutinous" rice flour for this crepe recipe. 


Hope you enjoy it. Please let me know if you try and the result.   


   More than just Sewing" - Cloudyhn


Noil Silk Tunic Shirt

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I know winter's definitely here and I don't like that at all :(  This top was made long ago but I did not have a chance to post. I was told I should've made more of this... Correct and I will. I had a piece of silver stretching cotton and maybe will be longer a bit to wear with leggings... 


Here is some photos I had about this top. Very simple, not a big problem about fitting woes by using pleats and darts


Pleats in front bust and on the sleeves. 2 darts in lower front and 1 double dart at center back. Over-elbow sleeve length with dart also. Collar was cut like golf T-shirt with a long row of button down to mid-bodice. Darts help the shirt wrapping around upper thigh area.


                       Hope you like it.



V.V.MODE - Designs and Life Styles DIY without pattern

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GoldenGirl Gown

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I bought this sparkling golden/bronze knit (cotton/lycra) quite long ago thinking making a gown or something. It was on sale for $3/m. I bought 1.3m but I used a bit for my black evening dress, the left is about 1m for this gown. I love the color almost like golden sands. Anyway I drafted and cut this one yesterday. I sewed last night. for about 2 hours after watching Dancing with the Stars. I love the show. Pretty much done for sewing part. The embellishment I just finished and got some photos to post.  

I cut the bust top with 2 layers stitched at wrong sides (RS together) with transparent elastic then sergered, then flip over. Ruffled underbust at center part. I stitched 2/8inch elastic in wrong side then sergered it also.      

Black lace for back's bodice, not too much stretching but stretch enough for keep the dress not too loose. I love the back detail with real deep V cut . I used black stretching lace trim (5/8inch width I think) for binding the armholes and neck areas. The ruffle piece at center's back seam was one big circle, opened by one cut then stitched in between the edges, then I sergered it also.      


Bottom hem was appliqued by the same black lace (I used the edge of lace fabric then cut out following its waves) . Cause both fabric were stretching so I use zig-zag stiched to control the hem's edge.      


Cause of lace at the back and deep V, I had to make a new underlining skirt - low waist. I like to wear underlining dress with dresses I made. Fabric was satin 2-way stretching knit (thick like swimwear fabric). Stitched at the back center, hemed with off-white stretching lace trim. 2/8inch width elastic for waistband. Also I used off-white lace trim for decoration the waistband also covered at wrongside's edge. This made the item higher quality and cleaned look.        


For embellishments, I made the fabrics combination flowers . All were cut cirle then hand-stitched with metal flowers (left over from napkin rings I made last year). There, I love it. This will be my gown to wear at my friend's birthday coming up.     


V.V.MODE - Designs and Life Styles - DIY without pattern

"More than just Sewing" - Cloudyhn  



FAUX BOWS Dress - Inspired by Threads

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I almost forgot this contest "Inspired by Threads" as I was so busy with other projects and Christmas stuff. Then I told myself I should've enter something cause I love Threads. And this is for 25th anniversary, I should be part of Threads. And here is one of a lot of things I was inspired : The Faux Bows by Anna Mazur "Living on the Edge" on Threads # 143.



 I drafted and cut this dress just in the night before the deadline night. Basicly a simple dress's form with pleats in skirt's front just for stylish. And luckily I've done it last night, got some photos - not as the way as I expected but I thought they were good enought to show the details, the dress form...the BOWS   



I used printed black twill (the fabric surface is like thin velvet, so smooth and stretching also) for waistband, armholes and neck binding, and for the faux bows.   


The bows - Reference from Threads issue #143 but you can click this link for the technique How to Sculpt a Row of Faux Bows  


Really I'm proud of myself as my sewings are DIY without patterns. Total cost for this dress is $5 with about 5 hours working on it. The bows were totally handstitched and took me almost 1 1/2 hour. Hoorrayyy It's done and I'm glad to share.  


I love the fabric, the colors, the accents and I love the pleats of skirt's front. The dress fits me nicely. Fabric is medium weight stretching suit fabric, Slip in without zipper. I'm fan of stretching fabrics as they are so comfortable to wear and I just hate zippers.  


V.V.MODE - Designs and Life Styles DIY without pattern

"More than just Sewing" - Cloudyhn  



My Version of Vogue 8315

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This is my version of Vogue 8315 (Out of Print). I cut size 6 with my adjustment down to size 4. I used about 3m spandex/lycra knit (it's like sportwear fabric type), cut based on dress B with alot of changes that I thought it would be nicer with my fabric I chose and my styles which usually are lady-like details ...



  • Standing collar
  • Ruffled around neck and crossed front.
  • Insteads of big pipe for wrap around waist (I found it was so heavy with my fabric type) I added waist piece to go with my neck's ruffles.
  • I did not like the cross in front neck because to secure it I got to use a small snap button (happened all the time with this cross front's styles) For that I changed and added strips along the cross's edges and were connected to standcollar. So that I had it wrapped nicely and fit in front bust's area and not worry it shown while bending down.
  • I shortened the skirt length about 3 inches (just did not like over knee length).
  • I lengthened sleeves about 3 inches over my wrist. (definitely for Fall and Winter 's wear). I did narrow alot of sleeve width, the pattern sleeves were too loose for me I want it fit.
  • While cutting the skirt's pieces I gave extra fabric to have pleats all seams at waist area except front and back's center seams.

For this dress I had 90% stitched by serger machine. Sewing machine used for darts, pleats (around skirt's waist), waist seam to attach top and skirt then sergered it, and stitched a small piece (with interfacing and zig-zag stitches like quilting to get more in shape) for inner standcollar. 


For hems, I used rolled hem stitches by using serger machine also. So that I created the little winding edges for all hems. 


I did not follow the sewing instructions so there was no advice from me. The final result was pretty much changing style as the way I liked and suitable for the fabric I chose. So it was Vogue but my version.



V.V.MODE - Designs and Life Styles DIY without pattern.

"More than just Sewing" - Cloudyhn

Marie Antoinette

Posted on October 31, 2010 at 10:30 PM Comments comments (2)

My stepdaughter needed a costume for Halloween this year so she asked me to make one. I thought it would be kind of difficult but then it wasn't bad while I was cutting - I drafted the pattern.    




1.5m Deep Blue Silk Bracade

1.0m Yellow medium weight satin

1.0m heavy weight white net

8.0m lace trims - different widths

1.0m medium blue ribbon

Total cost : $45


The most challenge I met while cutting this costume was my stepdaughter's curves as she has such a small waist but big.... bust (34DD) and bottom.    

For the bodice: The back was cut with normal bust measurement (size 34) but the front was a big different with double bust movements to extend the bust size and for that the lower bust were big also which I used 4 darts at front's bodice and 2 darts from armholes for fitting. I was surprised that it fit her like a "T" right at the first time she tried it on.

I used the wrongside for triangle piece in front which created the dress's contrast. I made small ruffled yellow satin for front neck upper bust area. Zipper was covered at the back     

The upperlayer skirt was ruffled at waist. I changed a bit as the bottom hem of this layer wrap fit around the underdress (different from the sample) look more classic as original Marie Antoinette style with big and bold hip' sides and big yellow bow-tie at the back.

Underdress was yellow satin ruffled by elastic and stitched under zipper area at the back, and hand-stitched occationally around bodice (attached on darts) and hem by 2 layers of wide width pre-pleated lace trims.     


Mini petticoat which was full-skirt with satin and 2 layers of ruffled white nets with white lace trim.    

To finish I pleated and stitched the white (1 inch width) lace trim around neck, down to front and around upperlayer skirt.    

3 different sizes of yellowbows, (underlayers were blue brocade so not neccessary to use interface ), hand-stitched on triangle piece in front. And 2 small bows attached on sleeves which are upper elbow with layer and layer lace trims. Also I made 2 ruffled bands (elastics for stretching) with small bows and lace/each for white tights (upper knee tight). And 2 layers of lace trims were hand-stitched on Chinese woodhandfan.                                                             

She was so happy with the result and excited waiting for this Halloween as she will host the Halloween party at her house. That will be fun for young adults for sure.

... Finally I got her photos at the party. She looked awesome in the dress. So far it was a hit, she said. Her hair was done by her friend using baby powder for color (idea from Marie Antoinetter making film progress on youtube...). She didnot use the wristband and hair piece I made. It's OK though.


Happy Halloween everyone!!!

V.V.MODE - Designs and Life Styles DIY without pattern
"More than just Sewing" - Cloudyhn

My VERSION of MichaelKors design

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With lace and knit I created myself a new dress based on Michael Kors's design. I loved this design quite long ago when I first saw it on Elle Magazine then one was made for LBD contest. Nice design so I decided make myself one but with my version. Lace and knit fabric. These fabrics are made the dress softer look and more comfortable .


Style: VOGUE 1176 - My version with Lace and Knit

Fabric: 1.2m Wool/cotton dark brown lace

1.2m light yellow lycra/cotton knit 


With my cutting technique it would not be too complicated as using this pattern. It's my Opinion cause I just don't use patterns. I had to make so many adjustments, big adjustments in term or measurements to fit and changing some area to make it as the way I desired. I wear sizw 2 RTW, with this pattern I had to adjust from size 8 down to something like 4 or junior size (stretching fabric needed less movement measurements also). So it was like pattern - NO help. Glad it was done. 

I changed by adding 2 side pockets. The bow was changed with dark brown upperlayer for contrast. I'm lefthanded so you can see I put the bow on the right side. The front's bodice lower piece was 2 layers and I used yellow knit for contrast. I cut the bodice's back lower than the pattern and round it down a bit.  

I did shorten the skirt's length to right my knees, and narrow the lower part, cut it like tight-pencil skirt. Cause stretching fabric I don't need to open at the back...   


V.V.MODE - Designs and Life Styles - DIY without pattern

"More than just Sewing" - Cloudyhn




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This is 2 out of 4 items I had done last week. I love the fabric pattern of print and material also. It's light, smooth and soft.




Fabric: 2.2m light wool

1.5m stretching lining knit


Very simple design and cutting , no dart - Almost like Burda 7580. The important thing was matching pattern and nice design look.


Knit lining made for both dress and jacket.

I desiced to make strap dress , elastic for ruffled neck' front and back. It was more comfortable to wear under jacket than a shortsleeve dress.


Jacket sleeves were added 1 1/2 inch cuff, matching pattern with neck's front and back



V.V.MODE - Designs and Life Styles DIY without pattern

"More than just Sewing" - Cloudyhn


Black Satin Evening Dress 2 - LBD contest

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I have about 75cm black satin fabric (left over from my eveningdress ) so I decided to make one for for the contest.


I don't expect to win any contest BUT it would be much more appreciated for sewers who is creating things WITHOUT pattern. Products are come out ... still ...  nice, clean look and perfect fit. No defense -  It's just my opinion :)




Fabric used 75cm - black satin and 20cm - pink satin

Elastics 1.8m , shining elastic 0.6m, black stretching lace trim 1.5m

Total cost $10


I used very simple cutting: crossed bust (2 layers - not full inner layer so able to attach or insert foambust form), I cut tbe shapes first, after gather together I made some adjust to fit.


Underbust band (2 layers also) for combination I used the same type of satin fabric but dark pink color, ruffled at the back part by 5 elastics put though in between.      

I use shining elastic for straps connected from front to backcenter point.

For embellishments and create more details I made 2 scarfs bolded at the ends attached at bust top points. The fun part is I can play around with those like scarfs: let them freely falling down in front or throw to the back; tight at the front and the back; can be able twist around the neck too...    


The skirt part - simple a rectangle, I stitched as a round piece, turn the seam line to the backcenter. Then mark half for front center bust, from that mark measured to both sides about 1/4 of underbust plus 2 inches for darts so I had 2 marks of dress sides. For sure the left was skirt's back which is gathered with the underbust band with elastics.



V.V.MODE - Designs and Life Styles DIY without pattern

"More than just Sewing" - Cloudyhn


BlackSatin Evening Dress

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My birthday's coming ... end of this month, I thought of making myself a new dress quite long ago. Then I saw the Little Black Dress contest on PR. Here we go, got to make it and I have only 3 days to go... Well I drafted yesterday, sewed yesterday along with making my Thanksgiving Turkey dinner.  I tried to finish it last night but one ruffled piece which was disappeared within my notions I thought (turned out it was dropped down in one of my drawers :) Well Got to stop and I got it done today. Wow, release totally. And my photos are done also which I don't like much the result but no time, I have thing to do tomorrow.


Without expect of winning the competition, but I hope that by creating things WITHOUT pattern, that the product was based on cutting and designing technique, it would be much more appreciated.



                                                     Evening Black Satin Dress


Style: One shoulder ruffled dress

Fabric: Medium weight stretching satin - of course BLACK

Fabric used :

     1m (the dress's length is 95cm) 

     20cm of sparkling light bronze knit (spandex and polyester),

     50cm lining knit

     1.3m stretching black lace trim (1 inch width)

     1.4m black elastic 5/8 width

     and invisible zipper


Total cost : $12 (everything I bought all on sale upto 75% off or buy 1 get 2 free at Fabricland).

I keep budget for everything I make at super low cost, summer clothes are about $3-$7, winter's are more of course but no more than $15,  but  fur and leather are exception sometimes.


Cause of one shoulder dress, to make bust fit, one side I used dart from armhole and the other ruffled instead of dart. Of course the verticle darts in front to create body's form too.


Bronze knit ruffled around front neck line, from under arm up to shoulder all the way to the shoulder point, be able to change the shape up and down as desired.


Small Elastic stitched around neck line for fitting.

Lining is very simple with elastic and black lace at bottom hem 

 The little scarf which is stretching sheer (snake skin pattern) is attached by pin I had it with my long traditional dress (same fabric)



The little bow - I just finished this morning - attached by safety pin.



  Ruffle broze knit at bottom hem which can see both front and back which gave the dress balanced as look



  Front bust area has 2 layers to support with insert foam bust set . Yahoooo, no bra  :)


Black lace trim was used for bottom hem and back neck to cover fabric at wrong side and show a bit scallop trim at the right side. See photos


For embellishments : to cover top stitches and matched with bronze I used gold rayon thread and scallop stitches: bottom hem, back neck and armhole.


I think this is enough for the post. But no I'm gonna make a little bow to hand-stitch above of the ruffle at bottom hem. My plan :) I'm getting tired now... Will add more tomorrow

Hi all, I just updated this post with casual wear to work. Check the photos in the middle of this post or gallery album. I've done a little bow for the dress also as mentioned above. Thank for stopping by. Hope you all enjoy it.


More than just sewing - Cloudyhn



Sparkling Black Lace Dress

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Everytime looking at a piece of fabric I ask myself - What I'm gonna do with this? Well... time to make something new that I've never made it before. That also means new style, new design coming out. Good news ... eh??? D.I.Y without pattern , for me, is more than just ... sewing. It likes brain, it likes fresh, it's fashion and it's designing.... This one I made for celebrate 5 years living in Canada as my second home end of last month.



Ruffled at waistband. Decoration Black stretching trim used for hems


 Usually I make dress with lining, but with type of dress I don't because it would have much more fun to change the color of underlayer dress. That gives different looks, matching with different accesories...


 3 triangles of 1/3 round stitched at the back of the bottom part given more ruffle and flowing and extended length of the back. Evenly shorten to the front. Front's center is shortest length. I'm gonna add 2.5-inch width white lace trim to lengthen the white satin lingery. Kind of short for this lacedress now



      More than just sewing - Cloudyhn